are completely misinterpreting his comments. To me, he sounds a lot of fun. I could be mistaken, but I think Louise loves this kind of banter. Her husband clearly wants her to be happy, and my guess is that making such comments is part of that rather than in opposition to that.

Perhaps you yourself would find it disrespectful, but others do not. Similarly, Louise absolutely hates some things that some of the men on Taken In Hand say, whereas I absolutely love some of the very things she hates. We each have different preferences.

by Sarah Cavendish on 2005 May 7 - 11:55 | reply to this comment
Abuse and irony
SA, my husband tends to make extremely male chauvinistic comments about women in general, but Sarah is right, these comments do not bother me in the least, in fact I find them amusing. Sarah is, of course, also right that I have found comments by some of the men writing on this site disturbing. Why does my own husband's male chauvinism not bother me while other men's sometimes does? I don't know, but on the whole it's just as well that it's that way round, isn't it? Political correctness, as far as my husband is concerned, is something that happens to other people.

That's not to say that my husband isn't capable of saying very cutting things when he puts his mind to it, in the past he has from time to time said quite hurtful things to me when he's lost his temper. So have I, the difference between us being that my husband is the kind of person who blows his top and then five minutes later is happy again and has forgotten everything, whereas I am the sort of person who broods on things for ages, suffers from hurt feelings etc. One of the main benefits of having a Taken In Hand relationship, for me, has been the avoidance of these explosions. Sarah is also right about my husband wanting me to be happy more than anything else.

by Louise C on 2005 May 7 - 14:03 | reply to this comment
Nothing contradictory here
Sarah wrote:

You would not get so turned on by the idea of so-called ‘erotic’ spanking, would you? So their insistence that it is not erotic is functional. The whole thing would probably feel too unreal and game-like to them if they opened their eyes to the eroticism in the dynamic. And it is probably true that their punishment spanking is not erotic at the time,otherwise it would not have the necessary thoroughness for the authority of the man to feel real.

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